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5 countryside delicatessens where you can get great delicacies for your autumn picnic

  • Mészégető Marcsi
Have a nice autumn picnic on a sunny afternoon and get the ingredients from one of your local small-scale farmers’ shops!
Have a nice autumn picnic on a sunny afternoon and get the ingredients from one of your local small-scale farmers’ shops!

The appetite comes after a good cycling on the shores of Lake Velence

The shores of Lake Velence are as tempting on a beautiful autumn day as they are in the summer months. It is one of the favourite destinations for sportspeople offering a wealth of activities. Cycle around the lake or hike the Bird Song (Madárdal) Trail, then head to the Groenk delicatessen shop, where you can sample Hungarian small-scale delicacies, including Spanish hams. In addition, the delicatessen shop is also a catering unit, where you can choose from traditional Hungarian dishes, such as stuffed peppers or pea stew.

If you are looking for one of the most beautiful panoramas of Lake Balaton: Balatonkenese awaits you

For those arriving from Budapest, the good news is that you can be on the shores of Lake Balaton in just an hour from the capital. If you decide to take a trip on a nice weekend day, head to Balatonkenese, where you can enjoy one of the most beautiful panoramas of the Hungarian sea. Not to mention that here you can find the Pörc Bistro, which is also a shop with delicatessen! Choose from a really nice selection of not only meat and butchery, but also some super cheeses, seeds and grapes, and find yourself a free spot on one of the benches for a nice picnic!

Wonder city, living history: a picnic on Benedek Hill in Veszprém

Several new places have opened in the centre of Veszprém recently, which are worth a visit for the old-timers and the newbies! Among the novelties, one of the best is Pekedli, where you can buy Zirc Abbey beer alongside the producer sausages and fragrant cheeses. If you listen to us, you will arrive with a big basket, so you can pack all the essentials, even for a sunny autumn picnic. And once you’ve got your favourites, head to Benedict Hill for a fantastic view.

Kinga’s pantry is bursting with the flavours of the Káli Basin

Kinga’s Pantry is located in a beautiful setting, in the silence of the Káli Basin, near Káptalantóti to be precise. Goat cheeses, farmhouse smoked meats, jams, sauces, vegetables and fruit line the shelves of the family farm shop. It is not only the delicious food that makes it worth a visit, the atmosphere of the farm is absolutely captivating! And afterwards, all you have to do is find a nice bench in the area and nibble on some autumn delicacies.

Picnic by the Tisza, with a twist

If you’re planning an autumn picnic in the Szeged area, head to Helyi-Ség, the city’s tiny but super-superior producers’ shop. Among other things, you will find honeys, syrups, teas and jams. Here you can even test the famous Vampire-buster (Vámpírűző) cream from Bácsalmás, which is a great treat for a Halloween themed picnic. You don’t have to leave empty-handed if you’re in the mood for some sweet treats, including maharaja treats, coconut balls and retro, unfilled hard candies.