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Editorial guidelines

To ensure the credibility and independence of Hello Hungary, we adhere to the following values and standards:

  • We strive to accommodate all invitations, but we cannot automatically provide featured inclusion to all sites we access. We however appreciate all contact, enabling us to keep our content updated.
  • All articles on our website reflect the subjective opinions of our editors (based on in-depth methodology shaped by a broad spectrum of criteria) about services and sites. Service providers possess no means to edit or suggest editing the final articles or to influence our journalists however corrections to inaccurate representations are welcome. We look forward to receiving such feedbacks to under the subject „Complaints”.
  • Paid contents appearing on our website (PR articles, special advertisement of local events and businesses) appear as „Sponsored Content” in line with our legal obligations.
  • Our colleagues and contributors do not operate in incognito and reveal their identity during most of their visits.


Who are featured on our website?

Editorial content is decided by the Hello Hungary staff, editors and editor-in chief based on years of experience and local knowledge, driven by curiosity to unveil the treasures of our destination and to present such finds to the public. Hello Hungary reserves the right to subjective decision making.

To feature sponsored content please send an email to We are open to work on tailor-made promotional content.

Can anyone advertise?

Advertising content on the Hello Hungary website is preceded by prior verification. The team, editors, and editor-in-chief reserve the right to refuse applications based on indifference with the advertising policies or the profile and spirit of the website.

Can I influence the contents of the article about myself?

The website takes into consideration any requests on the subject as long as they are in line with the style and mission of the website. Before release, sponsored content will be sent for approval, any correction after that can be negotiated by the above-mentioned manner. All creative decisions are reserved to the Hello Hungary staff, editors and editor-in-chief.

Can advertisement appear in any form other than „Sponsored Content”?

All advertising must be clearly presented as commercial content, distinct from editorial content. We are legally obliged to note the origin of all paid content, and we strive to present them as sophisticated as possible.

My budget is limited but I would like to be among the featured content

We aim to provide space to as many advertisers as possible and we are open to form mutually beneficial cooperation. We look forward to hearing from you at