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    From wild camping to glamping i.e., it is good to travel by motorhome!

    • Szabó Vivien
    Who has not dreamed of jumping behind the wheel spontaneously, not planning anything in advance, just going where the road leads and stopping to sleep where night falls?
    Who has not dreamed of jumping behind the wheel spontaneously, not planning anything in advance, just going where the road leads and stopping to sleep where night falls?

    We are not alone with this dream! In recent years, motorhome travel has become more and more popular in North America, Europe, and even in Hungary.


    "Today not only the retired Germans we know from our childhood travel by motorhome, who do not leave their favourite campsite all summer long. The movement is enjoying its heyday again, and the group of new-wave campers is very diverse in age, motivation and travel habits", we learnt from József Horváth, co-owner of Hello Lakóautó.hu. "Coming and going by motorhome on the roads, parking lots and campsites of Europe, we discovered the following strata: young people living in vans, wandering digital nomads, people on multi-month tours, seniors staying over the winter, camping families, occasional camper van renters. They all travel in different life situations and with different needs, but they have one thing in common: the love of nature. Accordingly, their parking lots and accommodations are varied, the palette is wide, from the simplest to the luxurious.

    What motorhome parking lots can we find in Hungary?

    Wild camping


    When we sleep out of doors - in a tent, car, caravan - we are wild camping. In Hungary, you can do this almost anywhere in nature, that is, where it is not specifically prohibited (e.g. private land, priority nature conservation area), but it is worth following the written and unwritten rules. For example, we can spend a maximum of 24 hours in a given place, do not litter or transform our environment. It is adventurous, but it requires a careful choice of location if you really want a peaceful and calm night.



    Halfway between the wild camping and the camping, we find the stellplatzs, or motorhome parking lots in Hungarian. These are areas surrounded by fences, with water intake and drainage facilities, often with electricity connection points, but their infrastructure does not reach the level of campsites. In these places, campers use their own kitchen and bathroom, there are no extra additional services. One of the newest such parking lots is the Somló Stellplatz, which awaits us at the foot of the mountain with an unparalleled panorama if we arrive by motorhome.


    If you are near the Somló mountain, you are easily tempted to go for a wine tasting. Let's visit one of the traditional family estates - for example the Tornai Cellar - where, in addition to admiring the wine museum, you can also taste local specialties!

    Classic camping


    In recent years, many campsites have undergone a complete renovation and acquired their new, modern form. In our country, the campsites by the water and those connected to the thermal waters are the most popular, which provide complex services. Operating as a holiday village close to nature, they have their own restaurant, café, sports and entertainment programmes, and playgrounds. In their landscaped area, a private pool, a direct waterfront is also often available, or they are located at arm's length from the spa of the given settlement. An example is the Castrum Camping in Hévíz, through which the healing water canal of the famous Lake Hévíz flows.


    If you are in Hévíz, visit the Hévíz Producers’ Market, where you can find cheeses, meats, honey, vegetables and fruits produced in the area using traditional technologies 3 days a week!



    Luxury camping, also known as glamping, combines nature-friendly, sustainable accommodation with the world of quality and pampering. Here, we do not have to go without anything that we expect from a hotel, but we can still feel in the lap of nature. Our accommodation is provided by safari tents, uniquely styled mobile homes, caravans, wooden houses, igloos or yurts, which are accompanied by wellness experiences and gastronomic specialties. In Hungary, the leader of the style is Homoki Lodge, located in the wilderness of Ruzsa, which awaits us with luxury yurts in an adult-friendly spirit.


    The Homoki Asztal is a part of the complex, which is not only open to hotel guests. Its motto "peasant kitchen disguised in modern clothing" hints at true gastronomic adventures.

    The listed motorhome groups and the parking lots and accommodations are not sharply separated from each other. They are constantly evolving and adapting to new traveller needs. It is like evolution. It changes and develops nicely over the years. The point is to find our place in it and not be left out of it!