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Heal with nature: thermal waters that are perfect not only for bathing in but also for drinking

  • Csiki Judit
If you're planning a wellness holiday, you'll already have a wonderful, warm thermal pool in mind. You can even complement the healing bathe with a drinking cure!
If you're planning a wellness holiday, you'll already have a wonderful, warm thermal pool in mind. You can even complement the healing bathe with a drinking cure!

Bathing in thermal water is great and has real therapeutic benefits for many ailments, especially musculoskeletal ones - provided, of course, that you follow a doctor's instructions. However, this is not the only way to make use of our country's extremely rich medicinal water resources. There are many spas where you can not only bathe in the local thermal water but also fill your glass with it at the watering holes. The medicinal water drinking cure is often used in combination with the bathing cure to enhance its effects. Many types of medicinal water can only be used effectively at their source, as bottled water will lose its effectiveness over time. Before anyone starts a drinking cure, it is advisable to consult a doctor, who will prescribe the dose and type of water to be consumed. The medical examination will also check whether you have any medical conditions (such as kidney failure, bleeding stomach or bowel disease, or acute inflammation of the bile, liver or stomach) that would rule out a drinking cure Medically-structured drinking cures last an average of four weeks, and their effects depend on the composition and temperature of the medicinal water. Which are the best spas if you want to splash and drink at the same time?

The miracles of Hévíz

Lake Hévíz is the largest thermal lake in the world. The medicinal waters and mud from the tens of thousands of years old Pannonian Sea are used to treat a wide range of musculoskeletal and rheumatic diseases. But the miracles of the medicinal lake do not end there, as the water of the Hévíz drinking fountains also has a healing effect. The water is also special because its rapidly decomposing radon content means that it cannot be bottled and should only be consumed on the spot. However, besides its powerful analgesic effect, it also has a beneficial effect on the endocrine glands and metabolism.

Bükfürdő: fun and relaxation for the whole family

The spa in Bükk not only offers therapeutic services but also fun for the whole family. From the adventure pools to the water slides, from the sauna world to the medical wellness area, there's something for everyone, whether you're looking for rest or active relaxation. While the medicinal waters of the pools are mainly beneficial for musculoskeletal complaints, the drinking cure relieves chronic gastritis and digestive disorders but is also recommended for the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis.

Harkány: from the slide to the water fountain

The Harkány Spa will also include an adventure bath, a complex wellness area, a children's bathing area, a beach bath in the summer and, from 2016, a slide park. The medicinal water can be used as a bathing cure in the treatment of rheumatological diseases, certain gynaecological problems and psoriasis. As a drinking fountain, the water here improves digestion, but it can also help control high blood pressure and blood sugar levels.

Medicine and reform-era town centre: The Balatonfüred and the bitter water of Füred

If you have ever been to Balatonfüred, you must have seen the Kossuth Lajos Spring in the centre of town. The 12-pillared “well house” built in the shade of plane and chestnut trees is a great sight, but of course, visitors are attracted to it due to the medicinal properties of the water. The locals also take it home for everyday consumption, as a drinking cure for gastritis, gall-bladder and bowel complaints. The town's famous ‘Szívkórház’ (Heart Hospital) also uses it as a spa treatment, as this carbonated water is a great complementary treatment for people suffering from heart disease and heart valve problems. In addition to the Kossuth Spring, you can also taste the famous bitter water of Balatonfüred at the Polányi Well and the Berzsenyi Spring, the latter of which is located along the cycle path that goes around the lake.